For patients in orthodontic treatment, getting to the end of treatment is a great feeling! Now with AcceleDent, you can get there faster.

This hands-free device is simple to use, and only requires 20 minutes each day to accelerate tooth movement. By eliciting gentle vibrations, or micropulses, the bone remodeling process that allows your teeth to move is accelerated, thus allowing the teeth to move faster. This technology was inspired by decades of research that showed that the application of small vibrations significantly speed up the mending of broken bones. The company that produces AcceleDent has applied similar technology to tooth movement, and it really works!

AcceleDent works with standard braces and Invisalign and has been clinically proven to move teeth as much as 50% faster. It is safe and approved by the FDA as a complement to all conventional orthodontic treatments.

What’s nice about AcceleDent is that it’s safe, gentle and you use it for just 20 minutes a day. Just insert the mouthpiece between your teeth, turn on the device and keep it there for 20 minutes while you watch TV, check your emails…you can do almost anything while using the device. A lot of patients like the sensation AcceleDent provides and report that using it significantly lessens the discomfort that can sometimes accompany orthodontic treatment.

With just 20 minutes of daily, at-home use, AcceleDent can offer faster, more comfortable orthodontic treatment.